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Details on Alabama’s statewide mask order

Governor Kay Ivey announced Wednesday that Alabama’s statewide health order has been amended to require the wearing of masks in public spaces within six feet of a person from another household.

The amended order takes effect at 5 p.m. today (Thursday, July 16) and will remain in effect until 5 p.m. July 31.

Facial coverings for individuals. Effective July 16, 2020 at 5:00 P.M., each person shall wear a mask or other facial covering that covers his or her nostrils and mouth at all times when within six feet of a person from another household in any of the following places: an indoor space open to the general public, a vehicle operated by a transportation service, or an outdoor public space where ten or more people are gathered. But this facial-covering requirement is subject to the following exceptions.

Order of the State Health Officer (amended July 15, 2020)

Exceptions for ‘practical necessity’ include:

  • any person six years of age or younger;
  • any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents him or her from wearing a facial covering;
  • any person while consuming food or drink, or seated at a restaurant to eat or drink;
  • any person who is obtaining a service (for example, a medical or dental procedure) that requires removal of the facial covering in order to perform the service;
  • or any person who is required to remove the facial covering to confirm his or her identity, such as for security or screening purposes.

There are also exceptions for exercise (including directly participating in athletic activities while otherwise in compliance with the state health order) and for anyone “in a swimming pool, lake, water attraction, or similar body of water, though wearing a face covering or social distancing is strongly encouraged if safe and practicable.”

Other exceptions include for ‘effective communication,’ ‘essential job functions’ and to “facilitate constitutionally protected activity.”

The ‘constitutionally protected activity’ section cites “any person who is voting” or “any person who cannot wear a facial covering because he or she is actively providing or obtaining access to religious worship,” though wearing a face covering is “strongly encouraged” in both instances.

The state health order notes that masks or other facial coverings can be factory-made, homemade, or improvised from household items such as scarves, bandanas or t-shirts.

For instructions on how to make a facial covering, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s How to Make Cloth Face Coverings.

Visit Governor Ivey’s COVID-19 News and Resources page for more information, including a link to the amended state health order.

See Section 2 of the order for the mask requirement provisions.

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