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LCES’ Linda Tidwell in running for Alabama School Secretary of the Year

Lauderdale County Elementary School Secretary Linda Tidwell has been named School Secretary of the Year for District 7 by the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS).

Mrs. Tidwell (pictured with LCES Principal Casey Tate) is now in the running for Alabama School Secretary of the Year.

She was surprised with the announcement during a special school assembly on Thursday, November 10.

Mrs. Tidwell has served as school secretary for the past 26 years. She was nominated for the honor by Principal Tate.

In a posting on the school’s Facebook page, Principal Tate wrote, “In her time, she has seen the school through classroom additions, office remodeling, and a grade-level reconfiguration. You will be hard-pressed to find another secretary who has served for that long in the same position, yet with even more passion, class, humility, service, dedication and excellence.”

Principal Tate noted, “She takes care of our kids, our teachers, our parents, our families. She takes care of me too! Mrs. Tidwell goes above and beyond in all aspects of her job, both out front and behind the scenes in so many ways. She is positive, industrious, trustworthy, and faithful. Above all, Mrs. Tidwell exhibits each of the above qualities with exemplary character and integrity, which in turn allows her to be a positive role model for our students, teachers, community, and all stakeholders.”

Princiapal Tate noted that despite “several very overwhelming life circumstances, Mrs.¬†Tidwell¬†has remained committed to our school and community. She came to school on days that quite honestly, many others under the same circumstances would have been absent. …

“Mrs. Tidwell has remained faithful to her service here, never taking a leave of absence. Moreover, she returned to school this year with even more resilience to serve our students, teachers, families, and community. We love you and appreciate you so much!”

The mission of the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools is to “coordinate and facilitate the resources of all members for the advancement of public education. Consistently, CLAS members choose quality professional development as the most important function of the umbrella organization.”

CLAS is an umbrella association serving 12 different affiliate organizations.  Membership is open to individuals who hold or are seeking positions in school administration.

The Secretary of the Year will be announced next month during the closing luncheon of the 2022 CLAS Secretaries Conference in Huntsville.

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