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Q & A with ‘Little House’ actress Charlotte Stewart

Charlotte Stewart, who played schoolteacher Eva Beadle (‘Miss Beadle’) on four seasons of the beloved TV show “Little House on the Prairie,” is one of a number of original cast members of ‘Little House’ and “The Waltons” scheduled to take part in the first North Alabama Christmas Market, set for this weekend in Rogersville.

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The following (below the picture) is a Q & A with Ms. Stewart regarding her notable career:

What prompted you to audition for “Little House on the Prairie”? Were you automatically cast for the show
I went on many interviews in those days, this just being one of them. I had never heard of Laura Ingalls Wilder or the ‘Little House’ books, but I knew it was a Western and I had been in “Bonanza” and “Gunsmoke” and many other TV Westerns, but I didn’t know Michael Landon was producing this one! I was shocked when my agent called me that afternoon and said I had gotten the role of Miss Beadle, the schoolteacher, and that it was a four-year deal!

Are you anything like the character you played?
I guess I am close to Miss Beadle since I was raised on a farm in Northern California. My godmother was a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse, so I understood what that was like.

What is the main thing you’ve done since the show ended?
I followed ‘Little House’ a few years later with a role in David Lynch’s series, “Twin Peaks.” I had known David since I acted in his first film, “Eraserhead.”

In regard to your life, what do you feel your legacy is?
I’m humbled and honored at the fact that after over 45 years, people still admire my acting and the role of Miss Beadle.

Did you watch the show?
I still watch it when I can.

How do you think playing your character affected your life? Are there any regrets?
I feel that the work ethic on ‘Little House’ followed me into my personal life. No regrets of any kind. I am still friends with the actors who played the children on the show. We travel together a lot.

What was your favorite episode(s)?
“Here Come the Brides,” in which Miss Beadle marries the pig farmer, Adam Simms. No one knew that Adam was played by a dear friend, Joshua Bryant, who had gone to the Pasadena Playhouse with me in the late 50s!

What do you like most about meeting your fans at events like the North Alabama Christmas Market?
Most of our fans remember watching the show as children with their families… It stirs many memories to meet us in person and these events.

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